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Virtual TI
Developer(s) Rusty Wagner
Stable release 2.5 Beta 5 / March 19, 2000; 15 years ago (2000-03-19)
Preview release 3.0 Alpha / February 24, 2003; 12 years ago (2003-02-24)
Operating system Windows 95 and higher
Type Emulator
License Freeware; requires one or more ROM images to operate.
Website none

Virtual TI, or "VTI," is a feature-rich graphing calculator emulator for Microsoft Windows, written in C++ by Rusty Wagner. It features a graphical debugger, a grayscale display, data transfer between computer and emulated calculator, black-link, parallel link and more.

There are currently two versions available:

  1. Virtual TI v.2.5 (beta)
  2. Virtual TI v.3.0 (alpha)

Version 2.5 supports the TI-82, 83, 83+, 85, 86, 89, 92, and 92+. Unfortunately, it is unable to properly emulate later versions of the TI-83 Plus, TI-89 and V200 series. It is also unable to emulate the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition as well as the more recent calculators like the TI-84 Plus.

Version 3.0 supports the TI-73, 83+, and the 83+ SE so far. However, it cannot retrieve the image of a TI-84+, and any file other than Apps cannot be loaded. It also doesn't allow users to save its state.

Virtual TI requires a calculator ROM image. The program itself can extract ROM images from TI calculators via Serial or Parallel connection.

This software has not been updated for a few years, unlike TiEmu.

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