Virtual environment software

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Virtual environment software refers to any software, program or system that implements, manages and controls multiple virtual environment instances (self definition).[citation needed] The software is installed within an organization's existing IT infrastructure and controlled from within the organization itself. From a central interface, the software creates an interactive and immersive experience for administrators and users.


Virtual environment software can be purposed for any use, from advanced military training in a virtual environment simulator to virtual classrooms. Many Virtual Environments are being purposed as branding channels for products and services by enterprise corporations and non-profit groups.[citation needed]

Virtual events and virtual tradeshows have been the early accepted uses of virtual event services. More recently, virtual environment software platforms have offered choices to enterprises – with the ability to connect people across the Internet. Virtual environment software enables organizations to extend their market and industry reach while reducing (all travel-related) costs and time.[citation needed]


Providers of virtual environments have tended to focus on the early marketplace adoption of virtual events. These providers are typically software as a service (SaaS)-based. Most have evolved from the streaming media/gaming arena and social networking applications.[citation needed]

This early virtual event marketplace is now moving towards 3D persistent environments, where enterprises combine e-commerce, social media as core operating systems, and is evolving into virtual environments for branding, customer acquisition, and service centers. A persistent environment enables users, visitors and administrators to re-visit a part or parts of the event or session. Information gathered by attendees and end users is typically stored in a virtual briefcase typically including contact information and marketing materials.[citation needed]