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Virtual server may refer to:

  • Virtual environment (container), a container-based environment where the underlying hardware and OS is unchanged, but the application is sandboxed into a context where it sees a controlled environment of the environment variables and a particular version of a programming language etc. It may also be used to prevent this application making persistent changes outside of this sandbox.
  • Virtual machine, a virtual emulation of a physical computer
  • Virtual private server, a method of server hosting using virtual machines
  • Virtual hosting, a method that servers such as webservers use to host more than one domain name on the same computer.
  • Virtual hosting service, a form of web hosting service where more than one instance of the same web server is hosted on a single physical server.
  • Another name for port forwarding used by some routers.
  • Microsoft Virtual Server, a virtualization product produced by Microsoft based on Connectix technology.