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Virus Music, founded in 2004, is a record label imprint of the independent Greek record company Legend Recordings S.A.

The label was headed by industry veteran Miltos Karadsas who at the time left from Minos EMI. He successfully harvested the label allowing it to effectively compete with the multinationals and their growing dominance in the Greek market, similar to how he had helped foster the former independent Greek record company Nitro Music.[1]

The label has signed new and young artists such as Apostolia Zoi and Annette Artani, but has also worked with veterans such as Lefteris Pantazis. While the Virus Music label is a fresh imprint in the Greek music industry, its parent Legend Recordings has been an important independent Greek label in all genres since 1994.

Legend Recordings S.A. is owned by "Μοντέρνοι Καιροί" (or "Modern Times" company - not to be confused with the multinational Swedish media conglomerate of the same name), one of the largest media companies in Greece offering music, books, magazines and newspapers.


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