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Armenian visa with entry and exit stamps inside a Singaporean passport

Armenia allows citizens of specific countries and territories to visit Armenia for tourism or business purposes without having to obtain a visa or allows them to obtain a visa on arrival or online. For some countries the visa requirement waiver is practiced on ad hoc basis, and is not formalized by a bilateral agreement. Citizens of the Commonwealth of Independent States and citizens of all Eurasian Union and European Union member states may enter Armenia without a visa.

Visa policy map[edit]

Visa policy of Armenia

Visa-Free countries[edit]

Holders of all types of passports from the following 60 countries are not required to obtain a visa for entry to Armenia for 180 day period within any year period:[1][2][3]

In addition, a visa is not required for holders of passports for public affairs issued by  China.

Armenia plans to sign a visa-free agreement with  Serbia.[8]

Holders of diplomatic or official/service passports of China, Egypt, Iran, Kuwait, Mexico, Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, Syria, South Korea, Vietnam and holders of diplomatic passports of India do not require a visa to visit Armenia.

Armenia signed a visa-waiver agreement for diplomatic and official passport holders with  Bosnia and Herzegovina on 30 August 2017[9] and with  Chile[10] and they are yet to be ratified.

Visa on arrival[edit]

Visitors traveling as tourists (except from the countries listed below) can obtain a visa on arrival for a maximum stay of 120 days at a cost of AMD 15,000. They may also apply for an e-visa in advance.[11][12]

Visa on arrival can be granted at following immigration checkpoints:

Nationals of the following countries cannot obtain a visa on arrival, and can only apply for a visa at Armenian diplomatic or consular posts, and only with an invitation:[13]

Nationals of  Iraq also cannot obtain a visa on arrival, and can only apply for a visa at Armenian diplomatic or consular posts, but invitation is not required.[13]


Foreign visitors who are eligible for visa on arrival are also eligible to apply for an e-visa. E-visa allows applicants to stay up to 120 days or 21 days with a US$31 or US$6 fee.[14]

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  1. ^ May enter using an internal passport.


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