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In accordance with the Iraqi law, citizens of all countries require a visa to visit Iraq.[1] However, visitors from certain countries are given a visa on arrival in select airports and certain countries are banned from entering Iraq. [2]

Visa policy map[edit]

Visa policy of Iraq
  Visa on arrival at Basra or Najaf airports
  Visa-free access to Iraqi Kurdistan (up to 30 days)
  Visa required

Visa on arrival[edit]

Nationals of the following countries may obtain a visa on arrival at Al Najaf International Airport and Basra International Airport, or otherwise as noted:

  1. May obtain a visa on arrival in any port of entry

Non-ordinary passports[edit]

A visa is not required for holders of diplomatic or service passports for nationals of

  •  China 30 days only for diplomatic passport holders
  •  Iran 30 days
  •  Kuwait 30 days
  •  Lebanon 6 months for diplomatic passport holders, 3 months for service passport holders
  •  Serbia 90 days
  •  Turkey 45 days

Iraqi Kurdistan[edit]

According to the KRG Representative Office in Vienna, visitors to Iraqi Kurdistan may enter visa-free for up to 30 days (unless noted otherwise) if being holders of one of the following passports: [3]

Additionally, the KRG Representative Offices in London and Washington, DC list the following passport holders as visa-exempt for 30 days: [4][5]

  •  Iran (15 days according to Timatic)

Furthermore, according to Timatic [6], the following passport holders arriving through the Erbil International Airport or Sulaimaniyah International Airport may enter visa free:

Entry Refusal[edit]

According to IATA, Bangladeshi Bangladesh citizens are barred from entering Iraq from 14 Aug 2019. This restriction applies even if they have a visa. [2] However, transit is permitted.

Nationals of  Israel are also banned from visiting Iraq in general, except Iraqi Kurdistan where Israeli citizens are allowed to travel.

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