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Kazakhstan Visa with entry stamps of Almaty Airport and Korday border
Kazakhstan entry and exit stamps issued to a Singaporean national at Almaty International Airport
Registration Certificate for non-residents of Republic Kazakhstan

Visitors to Kazakhstan must obtain a visa from one of the Kazakh diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.

Visa policy map[edit]

Visa policy of Kazakhstan
  Visa exempt (90 days)
  Visa exempt (30 days)
  Visa exempt (14 days)
  Visa required

Visa free entry[edit]

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Citizens of the following countries and territories can visit Kazakhstan without a visa:[1][2] Since July 11, 2020, visa-free visitors can stay for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day timeframe (counted from the first entry).[3][4]

90 days (9)

30 days (9)

14 days (1)


^ ID – May enter with a national ID card
^ IP – May enter with an internal passport

2 – up to 30 days, for a maximum total stay of 60 days within any 180 day period
3 – up to 30 days within 180 day period
4 – up to 30 days within year period

 Turkmenistan— residents of Balkan Region have visa free access to Atyrau Province and Mangystau Province for up to 5 days.[5]

Visa-free program[edit]

Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa for stays of fewer than 30 days as part of a visa-free policy for countries with the large foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan's economy. The program was initially started on 15 July 2014 providing unilateral visa free access to 10 countries and in July 2015 it was further extended to a total of 19 countries, then to 43 in January 2017 and to 54 in September 2019.[6][7][8][9][10] These countries are:

Visa replacement[edit]

Nationals of the following countries who hold valid tourist visas of Kyrgyzstan are able to visit the border districts of Almaty and Jambul regions of Kazakhstan within the validity of such visa: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.[18]

Non-ordinary passports[edit]

Only holders of diplomatic passports of Benelux, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Vatican City and holders diplomatic and service category passports of Bulgaria, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Israel, Mexico, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and United Arab Emirates[19] can visit Kazakhstan without a visa for up to 90 days.
Only holders of diplomatic passports of Egypt, Poland and only holders of both diplomatic and service category passports of Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Cuba, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkmenistan and Vietnam can visit Kazakhstan without a visa for up to 30 days.

Visa is not required for 30 days within 180 day period for holders of passport of United Nations (laissez passer).

Visa-free agreement for holders of diplomatic and service passports was signed with Colombia in December 2019, and it is yet to be ratified.[20]

Visa-free transit program[edit]

From 23 April 2018[21] to 1 January 2019, holders of passports issued by  India and  China do not require a visa for a 72-hour[22][23] stay if they are transiting through the following ports of entry, provided that they:

The Government plans to extend the visa-free transit program until 31 December 2020.[24]

The program was temporarily suspended for Chinese citizens in January 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[25]

Electronic visa[edit]

From 1 January 2019 citizens of the 117 countries who have an invitation issued by the Migration Service of Kazakhstan can obtain a single entry eVisa. Electronic visa is available for business or tourism purposes to all eligible nationalities, while eVisas for medical treatment purposes are available for 23 countries. Holders an eVisa must arrive via Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport or Almaty International Airport.[26]

Future changes[edit]

Visa waiver agreements have already been signed with the following countries but are not yet ratified or applied:[27]

  •  Cuba – 30 days within year period for ordinary passports[28]
  •  Oman – 30 days for diplomatic, service and special passports[29][30]

In December 2018 it was announced that Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan plan to mutually accept visas from February 2019[31] but this was delayed. In March 2019 Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were reported as "set to launch" the joint visa program that could expand to nearby countries. All approvals are in place with only technical and equipment details to be worked out.[32]

Pre-arranged visa on arrival[edit]

Pre-arranged visa for a stay of up to 1 month can be obtained on arrival for nationals arriving from a country without a Kazakh diplomatic mission. The fee is approximately US$80, and they must hold an invitation letter and obtain an approval from the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They must enter via one of the following ports of entry:[1]

Visa types[edit]

Kazakhstan issues 39 types of visa.[33]

Diplomatic visa
A1 Issued to foreign dignitaries, diplomats traveling on official business and diplomatic couriers
A2 Issued to diplomats accredited to Kazakhstan
Service visa
A3 Issued to members of the official delegations, accredited mass media journalists, military personnel on official visits and dependents, members of international organizations, diplomatic couriers without a diplomatic passport, service passport holders on official business
A4 Issued to administrative-technical and maintenance staff of foreign missions and offices
Investor visa
A5 Issued to heads and deputy heads and heads of structural divisions of legal entities carrying out investment activities and their family members
Business visa
B1 Issued to participants of conferences and meetings, persons accompanying humanitarian aid, lecturers, participants in youth programs and student and school exchanges
B2 Issued to persons installing or maintaining equipment or to persons providing consulting and auditing services
B3 Issued to persons arriving for negotiations or to the founders or the board directors
International road carriage visa
B4 Issued to persons engaged in international road transport
B5 Issued to aircraft, train and sea and river vessel crews
Visa for participation in religious events
B6 Issued to persons participating in the activities of religious associations, except for missionary activity
Student visa
B7 Issued to persons for practical training or internships and their family members
Permanent residence visa
B8 Issued to persons arriving to register a permit for permanent residence
B9 Issued to persons arriving for permanent residence
Private visit visa
B10 Issued to persons traveling for private reasons, funerals, former compatriots, persons accompanying family members who are citizens of Kazakhstan and spouses or children of ethnic Kazakhs
Adoption visa
B11 Issued to persons for adoption of citizens of Kazakhstan
Tourist visa
B12 Issued to persons traveling as tourists
Transit visa
B13 Issued to persons transiting through the territory of Kazakhstan
Exit visa
B14 Issued to permanent residents when exiting for permanent residence abroad
B15 Issued to persons who have lost their passport in Kazakhstan
B16 Issued to persons whose visa validity was reduced
B17 Issued to persons under administrative responsibility, not associated with deportation, if there are no reasons for further stay
B18 Issued to persons who arrived or are staying without a valid visa, if there are no reasons for further stay
B19 Issued to persons who have served criminal sentence or were exempted or whose probationary control or deferral expired
B20 Issued to persons who have presented proof of force majeure for overstay
B21 Issued to persons who were victims of grave or especially grave crimes
B22 Issued to persons charged with criminal offense where the criminal case has been closed or other persons in respect of whom legal restrictions on exit are lifted
Permanent residence visa
C1 Issued to ethnic Kazakhstan traveling to Kazakhstan for permanent residence
Family reunification visa
C2 Issued to family members of Kazakhstan national who are permanently residing in Kazakhstan, ethnic Kazakhs and former compatriots with temporary residence permit, foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Kazakhstan as well as business immigrants
Work visa
C3 Issued to persons traveling to Kazakhstan or persons in Kazakhstan and their family members for the purpose of employment
C4 Issued to persons traveling to Kazakhstan or persons in Kazakhstan for self-employment in professions that are in demand in the priority sectors of the economy
C5 Issued to business immigrants
C6 Issued to seasonal workers
Missionary activity visa
C7 Issued to persons carrying our missionary activities and their family members
Humanitarian purposes visa
C8 Issued to volunteers and providers of humanitarian aid and with a view to charity and grants provision
Education visa
C9 Issued for the purpose of admission to educational organization in secondary, technical and vocational, post-secondary, higher and postgraduate education
Private trip visa (ethnic Kazakhs)
C10 Issued to ethnic Kazakhs
Minor citizens visa
C11 Issued to underage persons permanently residing in Kazakhstan or who have arrived to Kazakhstan without a visa or to persons born in Kazakhstan intending to go abroad
Medical treatment visa
C12 Issued to persons traveling for treatment, medical examination or consultation and accompanying persons as well as persons in Kazakhstan in the event of the need for treatment; persons traveling to Kazakhstan with the aim of caring for close relatives who are citizens of permanent residents of Kazakhstan and who are treated in hospitals or persons in Kazakhstan in case of need to care for close relatives

Visitor statistics[edit]

Year Visitors
No data
Increase 202,000[34]
Increase 284,000[34]
Decrease 257,000[34]
Increase 394,000[34]
Increase 1,683,000[34]
Increase 1,693,000[34]
Increase 3,678,000[34]
Decrease 3,237,000[34]
Increase 4,291,000[34]
Increase 4,365,000[34]
Increase 4,707,000[34]
Increase 5,311,000[34]
Decrease 4,117,000[34]
Decrease 3,774,000[34]
Increase 4,097,000[34]
Increase 5,685,000[34]
Increase 6,163,000[34]
Increase 6,841,000[34]
Decrease 6,333,000[34]
Increase 6,430,000[34]
Increase 6,509,000[34]
Increase 7,701,000[34]

Most visitors arriving to Kazakhstan were from the following countries of nationality:[35]

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