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Maldives grants visa-free or visa-on-arrival status to all nations of the world except Indian and Bruneian citizens for 30 days, and an extension of further 60 days is available for Rf.700 fee.[1]

Nationals of India can enter Maldives for 90 days without visa. Nationals of Brunei can apply for visa on arrival which is good for a maximun stay of 15 days.


Most visitors arriving to the Maldives were from the following countries of nationality:[2][3]

Country 2016 2015
 China 324,326 359,514
 Germany 106,381 105,132
 United Kingdom 101,843 92,775
 Italy 71,202 65,616
 India 66,955 52,368
 Russia 46,522 44,323
 France 40,487 42,024
 Japan 39,894 39,244
 United States 32,589 29,308
  Switzerland 31,678 31,923
Total 1,286,135 1,234,248

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