Visa policy of Nagorno-Karabakh

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Nagorno-Karabakh visa

Visitors to Nagorno-Karabakh must obtain a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.

Visa policy[edit]

Citizens of the following countries can visit Nagorno-Karabakh without a visa:[1]

Citizens of other countries can obtain a visa in the Permanent Mission of Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia. In exceptional cases, the entrance visa can be granted at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the NKR in Stepanakert. There is a single 21 day tourist visa available, and single and multiple visas valid for up to one, two or three months.

Travellers with Nagorno-Karabakh visa (expired or valid) or evidence of travel to Nagorno-Karabakh (stamps) will be permanently denied entry to Azerbaijan.[2]


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