Visa policy of South Sudan

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Not to be confused with Visa policy of Sudan.
Visa policy of South Sudan

Visitors to South Sudan must obtain a visa from one of the South Sudan diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the countries whose citizens are eligible for visa on arrival.


Prior to South Sudanese independence, the Southern Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission had de facto control over entrance into South Sudan.[1] However Khartoum also de jure required visitors to obtain Sudanese visas as well.[2][3]

By November 2011, South Sudan was reportedly issuing one hundred visas per day to Ethiopians.[4] In December 2011, foreigners working in South Sudan were required to re-register with the Department of Alien Affairs and obtain new visa stickers.[5] In April 2012, South Sudan announced that it would begin applying visa requirements to Sudanese nationals as well in advance of an October deadline; similarly, Sudan had just recently begun to treat South Sudanese nationals as foreigners for visa control purposes.[6] Furthermore that same month, there were also reports that expatriates working in the country would be required to pay $50 per month for their visas.[7]

Visa on arrival[edit]

Citizens of the following countries are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival costing between US$ 50 and 100:[8]

Holders of diplomatic, official, service and special passports issued to nationals of any country can obtain a visa on arrival.


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