Visa policy of Transnistria

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Transnistria does not require foreign visitors to obtain a visa. Foreign visitors are, however, required to register with authorities upon arrival. Also, citizens of 3 other Post-Soviet disputed states can travel visa free to Transnistria. All members of the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations have agreed to abolish visa requirements for their citizens. This includes:

Registration procedure[edit]

Passports or identity cards are submitted to the Department of Visas and Registration and passport departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the registration of foreign citizens within 24 hours after arriving in Transnistria when staying with relatives, friends, by invitation, as well as the entry for purposes of study or business. Upon arrival of foreign citizens to the hotel, the hotel management must inform the authorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and is responsible for their timely registration. Host organizations are required to notify the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and the Ministry of State Security three days prior to the arrival of foreign citizens of the date and purpose of their visit.[1]

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