Visa policy of Uruguay

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Uruguay entry (bottom) and exit stamps issued to a national of Singapore

Visitors to Uruguay must obtain a visa from one of the Uruguayan diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.

Visa policy map[edit]

Visa policy of Uruguay
  Visa-free (Passport and ID card entry)
  Visa-free (Passport entry)

Visa policy[edit]

Holders of passports of the following 79 jurisdiction can visit Uruguay without a visa for up to 90 days (unless otherwise stated and extendable once except for the citizens of Argentina and Russia):[1][2]

ID - citizens of these countries may cross the border with an ID card only.
1 - including all classes of British nationals.
2 - for a maximum stay of 30 days.
3 - for a maximum stay of 90 days in six months.
4 - for holders of a MSAR passport or a MSAR Travel Permit.

Visa is not required for airline crew members, and citizens of any country who were born in Uruguay as per their travel document.

Holders of diplomatic or official/service passports of Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Cambodia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Namibia, Suriname, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam as well as holders of diplomatic passports of China do not require a visa.
Nationals of China holding passports for public affairs do not require a visa for a maximum stay of 90 days.

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