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An Uzbek visa with entry and exit stamps on a Singaporean passport

Visitors to Uzbekistan must obtain a visa from one of the Uzbekistan diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.[1]

Visa policy map[edit]

  Visa exempt for 90 days
  Visa exempt for 60 days

Visa exemption[edit]

Citizens of the following 9 countries can visit Uzbekistan without a visa for up to 90 days (unless otherwise noted):

 Turkmenistan —residents of Daşoguz Region and Lebap Region have visa free access to Xorazm Province and Bukhara Province as well as to Amudaryo, Xo‘jayli, Shumanay, Qo‘ng‘irot districts and Taxiatosh city of Karakalpakstan and to Dehkanabad, Guzar, Nishon and Myrishkor districts of Qashqadaryo Province and to Sherobod and Muzrabot districts of Surxondaryo Province have visa free access for up to 3 days within any month period. During Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha the access is allowed twice a month, but no more than 7 days.[2]

Visa-free regime also applies to holders of diplomatic passports of Brazil, China, Hungary, Poland, South Korea, Tajikistan, Turkey and Vietnam, and also to holders of diplomatic and service passports of Latvia, Romania and Slovakia. An agreement between Uzbekistan and Kuwait on mutual visa-free visits for holders of diplomatic passports was signed in February 2017 and is yet to be ratified.[3]

Visa is not required for US military and US Department of Defense civilian staff provided holding a Military/government ID and a copy of their orders.

Visa on arrival[edit]

A Visa Confirmation Stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan

Holders of a Visa Confirmation (stamp), issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, can obtain a visa on arrival at Tashkent International Airport. [4]

Simplified procedure[edit]

Visitors from eligible countries can obtain multiple entry visas for stays up to 1 month[5] with no requirement for tourist voucher or invitation letter from Uzbekistan. Visas are issued to them within the next 2 working days. Eligible countries are:[6]

Transit visas are also available to all nationalities for a duration of up to 72 hours, for which no invitation letter or tourist voucher is required.[7]

The visa application form may be filled online, printed and submitted to the diplomatic mission.[8]

Reform plans[edit]

On 2 December 2016 President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree titled "About measures for ensuring the accelerated development of tourist branch of the Republic of Uzbekistan" that envisaged the establishment of a visa-free regime for citizens of 15 countries[9] as well as a visa-free regime for citizens of 12 countries who are older than 55.[10] Those visitors would only be required to pay an entry fee on arrival. This is planned to be in place by 2020.

However, on 22 December 2016 a new decree was adopted by the President of Uzbekistan amending the decree from 2 December 2016, postponing the visa-free regime until 1 January 2021.[11][12] The amending decree also said that the list of countries whose citizens would benefit from the visa-free access may be revised on the basis of dynamics of development of bilateral relations, the situation on the world tourism market and the current situation in the sphere of international and regional security.

Uzbekistan also plans to introduce electronic visas from 2021.

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