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Entry stamp of the Dominican Republic

Visitors to the Dominican Republic must obtain a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries.

Visa policy map[edit]

  Dominican Republic
  Countries with visa-free access to Dominican Republic
  Visa required for entry to the Dominican Republic

Visa exemption[edit]

Nationals of the following 107 countries and passport issuing jurisdictions do not require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic:[1]

1 - for British nationals, only holders of British citizen passports and British overseas territories citizen passports are eligible.
2 - do not need to pay a tourist fee.

As of 1 January 2018 visitors to Dominican Republic are no longer obliged to purchase a tourist card as this fee is now incorporated into airfare.[2][3]

Visa exemption also applies to residents and valid visa holders as well as refugees and stateless persons with travel documents of Canada, the United States and the European Union.

Holders of diplomatic or service passports issued to nationals of Mexico or Switzerland, diplomatic, official or service passports issued to nationals of Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, South Korea, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vatican City and Vietnam, diplomatic or official passports of Taiwan and diplomatic or official passports issued to nationals of Paraguay do not require a visa.

Visa exemption agreement for diplomatic passports was signed with Spain but is yet to be ratified.[4]

Visa is not required for citizens of any country who were born in the Dominican Republic as per their travel document.

Visitor statistics[edit]

Most visitors arriving to Dominican Republic were from the following areas of residence or countries of nationality:[5]

Country/Territory 2016 2015 2014 2013
 United States 2,085,186 2,001,909 1,784,486 1,587,404
 Canada 768,486 745,860 706,394 684,071
 Germany 259,133 247,613 230,733 214,151
 France 232,024 227,483 229,678 232,754
 Venezuela 170,713 167,176 112,854 75,173
 Spain 169,760 172,245 150,859 142,207
 United Kingdom 165,111 142,083 126,563 108,236
 Argentina 137,642 133,888 112,489 107,305
 Russia 136,249 71,572 180,821 188,110
 Brazil 125,984 140,348 114,129 92,870
 Puerto Rico 121,131 115,084 103,891 74,580
Total 5,178,050 4,872,319 4,511,062 4,117,493

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