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Visage Mobile, Inc.
Industry Software as a service
Founded 2001
Headquarters Larkspur, California
Key people
Bzur Haun, President & CEO

Enterprise mobility management


Visage Mobile is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that provides mobility management solutions for enterprises. Their product, MobilityCentral, is intended to simplify enterprise mobility management, as a web-based application.


Founded in 2001, the Visage team built MobilityCentral to help organizations gain visibility and control over their full inventory of smart phones, cell phones, tablets and other workforce mobility solutions — and the people who use them.

Visage launched MobilityCentral in 2008 and in less than a year was recognized by Network World as one of the Nine Wireless Companies to Watch,[1] and was chosen as a finalist for the AOTMP Innovation of the Year Award.[2]


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