Visakha Vidyalaya

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Visakha Vidyalaya
  • විශාඛා විද්‍යාලය
  • விஹாகா வித்யாலய
Visakha Vidyalaya crest.png
The crest of Visakha Vidyalaya
Vajira Road

Coordinates6°53′31″N 79°51′32″E / 6.89194°N 79.85889°E / 6.89194; 79.85889Coordinates: 6°53′31″N 79°51′32″E / 6.89194°N 79.85889°E / 6.89194; 79.85889
MottoPali: පඤ්ඤාය පරිසුජ්ඣති
Paññāya Parisujjhati
(By wisdom is one cleansed)
Established16 January 1917; 103 years ago (1917-01-16)
FounderCelestina Dias
PrincipalMrs. Sandamali Aviruppola
GradesGrade 1 - 13
Age6 to 19
Color(s)Gold and Blue
WebsiteVisakha Vidyalaya

Visakha Vidyalaya (Sinhala: විශාඛා විද්‍යාලය) is a girls' school in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is a National School founded by the central government providing primary and secondary education.


The school was established in 1917 by Celestina Dias as the Buddhist Girls College in a house called 'The Firs' in Turret Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka. It was the desire of Dias to train the school girls according to the Buddhist moral values and principles. In 1927 it moved to its present premises in Vajira Road, Colombo and was named Visakha Vidyalaya by Lady Herbert Stanley the wife of the Governor of Ceylon at that time. In 1939 the school was affiliated to Lady Irwin College, New Delhi to conduct courses in Home economics.[1] Science subjects were introduced to the curriculum in 1946, for the first time in a girls' school in Sri Lanka.

School motto[edit]

Founder Celestina Dias

The school's motto is from the Alavaka Sutta in the Sutta Pitaka of the Tripitaka. When the yakkha Alavaka first confronted Lord Buddha, he threatened to exterminate Lord Buddha unless He, Lord Buddha were to answer all his questions. One of the questions asked was "Kathansu Parisujjhati" (how is one cleansed) to which Lord Buddha replied, "Paññaya Parisujjhati" (by wisdom is one cleansed)


There are 6 houses at Visakha:

  • Dawes -   
  • Dias -   
  • Jayatilake -   
  • Motwani -   
  • Pulimood -   
  • Weerasooriya -   

Most of the names of the houses are made from the names of past principals.

Past principals[edit]

Name Entered office Departed office
Bernice T. Banning
Jan. 1917
Dec. 1917
J. Ganguli
Jan. 1918
Mar. 1920
H. Westbrook
Mar. 1920
Jan. 1921
D. C. Devereaux
Feb. 1921
May 1922
E. L. Fletcher
May 1922
May 1924
G. H. Pearse (Acting)
May 1924
May 1925
S. E. Lowe
May 1925
G. H. Pearse
Apr. 1933
MacDonald (Act.)
May 1933
Jun. 1933
C. L. Motwani
Jun. 1933
Apr. 1945
S. G. Pulimood
May 1945
Jul. 1967
H. S. Jayasinghe
Jul. 1967
Jun. 1983
S. E. Siriwardhana
July 1983
Dec. 1987
M. N. Edussuriya
Jan. 1988
Oct. 1999
R. M. L. Jayasekara
Oct. 1999
Nov. 2001
M. D. I. N. Siriwardhana
Nov. 2001
July 2003
R. N. Amarasinghe
July 2003
July 2007
C. R. Gunarathne
July 2007
Oct. 2008
B. M. Weerasooriya
Oct. 2008
Dec 2008
Sandamali Aviruppola
Dec. 2008

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