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Visappu (Hunger) is a collection of short stories by Vaikom Muhammad Basheer published in 1954.[1][2] The collection includes Basheer's first story "Ente Thankam" (My Darling) which is titled "Thankam" in the book.[3] This story originally appeared in the Ernakulam-based newspaper Jayakesari in the year 1937.[4] The other stories include "Visappu" (Hunger), "Marunnu" (Medicine) and "Pishachu" (Devil). Visappu is considered as a modern classic in south Asian literature.[5]

List of stories[edit]

  1. "Thankam"
  2. "Shashinas"
  3. "Hridayanatha"
  4. "Marunnu"
  5. "Nammude Hridayangal"
  6. "Pishachu"
  7. "Visappu"


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