Viscount Melville Sound

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Viscount Melville Sound
Map indicating Viscount Melville Sound, Nunavut, Canada.png
Viscount Melville Sound, Nunavut.
  Northwest Territories
  Yukon Territory
  Regions outside Canada (Alaska, Greenland)
Coordinates 74°15′N 105°00′W / 74.250°N 105.000°W / 74.250; -105.000 (Viscount Melville Sound)Coordinates: 74°15′N 105°00′W / 74.250°N 105.000°W / 74.250; -105.000 (Viscount Melville Sound)
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Uninhabited

Viscount Melville Sound is an arm of the Arctic Ocean in Kitikmeot, Nunavut, Canada. Forming part of the Parry Channel, it separates Victoria Island and Prince of Wales Island from the Queen Elizabeth Islands. East of the sound, via Barrow Strait, lies Lancaster Sound, leading into Baffin Bay; westward lies the McClure Strait and the Arctic Ocean/Beaufort Sea. The sound is a part of the Northwest Passage.[1]

In 1854, Edward Belcher abandoned his ship, HMS Resolute, in the sound while searching for John Franklin


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