Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

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The 1st Viscount's Garter banner on display in St Mary's, Warwick.

Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, of Hindhead in the County of Surrey, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom.


The viscountcy was created in 1946 for the military commander Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery,[1] commemorating his crucial victory in the Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October–3 November 1942) (named after a minor railway halt marking the allied defence line), which sealed the fate of Rommel's famed Afrika Korps.

As of 2022, the title is held by his grandson, Henry Montgomery, 3rd Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, who succeeded in 2020. There are currently no heirs to the viscountcy as the 3rd Viscount has no sons and there are no other living male line descendants of the 1st Viscount. If the 3rd Viscount dies without male issue, the title will become extinct.

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Coat of arms of Viscount Montgomery of Alamein
A Coronet of a Viscount
Issuant from a Crescent Argent an Arm embowed in Armour the hand grasping a broken Tilting Spear in bend sinister the Head pendent proper
Azure two Lions passant guardant between three Fleurs-de-lis two in chief and one in base and two Trefoils in fess all Or
Dexter: a Knight in Chain Armour and Surcoat resting his exterior hand on his sword; Sinister: a Soldier in Battle Dress all proper
Gardez Bien (Guard well)



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