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The Viseu Football Association (Associação de Futebol de Viseu, abrv. AF Viseu) is the district governing body for the all football competitions in the Portuguese district of Viseu. It is also the regulator of the clubs registered in the district.

Notable clubs in the Viseu FA[edit]

Main Competitions[edit]

Divisão de Honra[edit]

Primeira Divisão[edit]

The Primeira Divisão is the second tier in the Viseu district division. It is divided into two zones that divide the district: Zona Norte and Zona Sul. The two winners from each zone play against each other in one play-off to crown the champion.

Segunda Divisão[edit]

The Segunda Divisão was the third tier of the Viseu Football Association. It was abolished after the restructure of the Portuguese football league system, with the 2010–11 season being the competition's last. The final champion was Mangualde.

Taça AF Viseu[edit]

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