Vishera Nature Reserve

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Vishera Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Vishera
Map showing the location of Vishera
Location of Reserve
Location Perm Krai, Russia
Area 2,412 square kilometres (931 sq mi)
Established 1991

Vishera – is a nature reserve in Perm Krai, Russia. Area is 2,412 km2, more than 75% of which covered by forest. Main river is Vishera, that flow through nature reserve about 130 km.


Nature reserve’s area can be comparable with such country as Luxembourg. It occupies 1,5% of Krai's area. Located in the extreme north-east of Perm Krai, in Krasnovishersky District. Main peak of Vishera is mountain Tulymsky Kamen (1,469 m), that also the highest point of Perm Krai. The lowest point is 231 m above sea level.

Extreme north point of nature reserve (that also the most north in Perm Krai) is divided basins of Kama River, Pechora River and Ob River. Small population of this place are Mansi people, that makes it interesting ethnographic region.


Large area of fir and spruce virgin forest. Also you can find here Siberian Pine, mountain ash and birch. There are 36 species of mammals, 155 – birds, 6 – fishes and 2 amphibians. Among mammals there are Brown Bear, Gray wolf, Reindeer, Sable and others.

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Coordinates: 61°29′10″N 59°13′02″E / 61.48611°N 59.21722°E / 61.48611; 59.21722