Vishera River (Perm Krai)

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Vishera River
View of the Tulymsky Kamen mountain range from the banks of the Vishera
Kama basin.png
Scheme of the Kama River Basin.
Physical characteristics
Main sourceNorth Ural
River mouthKama River
Length415 km (258 mi)
  • Average rate:
    457 m3/s (16,100 cu ft/s)
Basin features
River systemKama River
Basin size31,200 km2 (12,000 sq mi)

The Vishera River (Вишера) is a river in Perm Krai, Russia, a left bank tributary of the Kama River. It is 415 kilometres (258 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 31,200 square kilometres (12,000 sq mi).[1] The Vishera River freezes in late October or early November and stays under the ice until the end of April. There are diamond deposits in the basin of the Vishera River.

The Vishera used to be part of the Cherdyn Road and is still considered one of the most picturesque rivers of the Urals. It starts on the extreme northeast of Perm Krai, near the border with the Komi Republic and Sverdlovsk Oblast. It flows on the west foothills of Ural Mountains and is a mountain river for most of its length. There are many rapids and shoals in the channel and many rocks along its banks.

The Vishera Nature Reserve is along the upper reaches of the river.

Main tributaries:


Komi people call the river Viser but they have no idea what it means. Experts in the Komi language noticed that this element is also in names of other rivers in Ural. A. K. Matveyev supposes that Vishera can mean Northern River or Midnight River (in Sami languages).


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