Vishniac (crater)

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Giantsfootprint 7n20 1969.jpg
Giant's Footprint
Planet Mars
Coordinates 76°42′S 276°06′W / 76.7°S 276.1°W / -76.7; -276.1Coordinates: 76°42′S 276°06′W / 76.7°S 276.1°W / -76.7; -276.1
Diameter 86.1
Discoverer Mariner 7
Eponym Wolf V. Vishniac

Vishniac is the larger crater of the Martian surface feature called the Giant's Footprint. It was named after Wolf V. Vishniac, a microbiologist who died on an expedition to Antarctica. Fittingly, the crater lies in the Antarctic of Mars.[1] The feature was originally observed by Mariner 7 in 1969. In 1999, the Mars Global Surveyor's Mars Orbiter Camera was able to provide more detailed pictures.[2]