Vishuddhananda Paramahansa

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Vishuddhananda Paramahamsa
Vishuddhananda Paramahansa.jpg
Vishuddhananda Paramahamsa in Lotus position
Bholanath Chattopadhaya

(1853-03-14)14 March 1853**
Died14 July 1937(1937-07-14) (aged 84)
^** Vishuddhananda ji's birthday is observed on 29th Falgun as per Hindu Bengali Calendar.
PhilosophyYogic Kriya Surya Vigyan
Religious career
GuruMaharshi Mahatapa Paramahansa
HonorsYogirajadhiraj, Paramahamsa, Gandha Baba,[2] Buro Baba
^** Vishuddhananda ji's birthday is observed on 29th Falgun as per Hindu Bengali Calendar.

Vishuddhananda Paramahansa (Bengali:: Bishuddhananda Pôromôhongśo) (14 March 1853 – 14 July 1937) popularly known as Gandha Baba was a Hindu yogi and saint. He was born as Bholanath Chattopadhaya to Akhil Chandra Chattopadhaya and Raj Rajeshswari Chattopadhaya in a village named Bondul in the current Bardhaman district in West Bengal, India. Vishuddhanand Paramhamsa was a Saint who had a scientific & rational mindset along with devotional qualities. He was dedicated to his Guru & never disobeyed Guru's instruction. His spiritual training school was Gyanganj in Tibet. He attained the sadhana of Navmundi asana (Varanasi) which is the highest realisation on the Sakti path. He is the only saint who made ever unbelievable spiritual output. Vishuddhanand Paramhamsa had almost infinite siddhis but never focused them in public. He disliked too much of public life.His solitude was his dedication to the Divine. Many people would get cured of diseases with just a blessing from Vishuddhanand Paramhamsa. He wished to offer the world a medication centre based on celestial Solar Science and propagated with endeavor but later on he had to stop because of the unwillingness of His elder Guru Brothers. Dr. Gopinath Kaviraj and Akshay Kumar Dutta Gupta were most known disciples of Him. 'Karmebhyoh Namah' is the major message by Him. (doing Yogic Kriya with mantra as initiated by Guru will lead to divine knowledge further yielding in divine bhakti & would finally result in divine love).


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