Vision Creation Newsun

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Vision Creation Newsun
Studio album by Boredoms
Released October 27, 1999 (1999-10-27)
Length 65:51
Label Birdman, WEA Japan
Boredoms chronology
Vision Creation Newsun (EP)
(1999)Vision Creation Newsun (EP)1999
Vision Creation Newsun
Rebore, vol. 1
(2001)Rebore, vol. 12001
Box set cover
Cover for the box set version of Vision Creation Newsun.
Cover for the box set version of Vision Creation Newsun.

Vision Creation Newsun is an album by Japanese rock band Boredoms released by WEA Japan. The standard one-disc edition was released in Japan December 10, 1999 and in the United States the following year by Birdman Records. Vision Creation Newsun was rated #39 in Pitchfork's Top 200 Albums of the 2000s.[1]

Music and composition[edit]

Described as a space rock[2] and krautrock album, Vision Creation Newsun marks the band moving away from their noise-influenced sound. According to AllMusic's Mark Richardson, the album sees Boredoms "settling into a loose, jam-oriented aesthetic." Richardson further added: "The first two tracks find Boredoms further investigating pounding tribal rock with propulsive drumming, energetic guitar work, and vocal chants. The overall feel bears some similarity to Super Ae, with tracks that draw from Krautrock and psychedelia, but Vision Creation Newsun adds a folk element, including softer instrumental textures like hand percussion, lengthy cymbal washes, and acoustic guitars. Some passages even flirt with new age, as they weave bird songs and the sound of falling water into the mix."[3]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars[3]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide4/5 stars[6]

Vision Creation Newsun generally received positive reviews from music critics. AllMusic critic Mark Richardson wrote: "This is not the left-field triumph that Super æ was, but it's a strong album nonetheless."[3]

Track listing[edit]

With the exception of track #9, each song's title is represented officially by a symbol. When referring to these tracks in print and in MP3 tags, the alternate names (including parentheses) are often used.

1."◯" (circle)13:42
2."☆" (star)5:22
3."♡" (heart)6:51
4."Ҩ" (spiral)6:33
5."~" (tilde)6:19
6."◎" (two circles)7:21
7."↑" (arrow up)6:26
8."Ω" (omega)7:36
9."ずっと" ("Zutto" ("Forever"))7:31

Limited edition[edit]

The album was originally released with alternative artwork, a second disc, a T-shirt, a sticker, and an electronic device that played sampled frog noises when the box was opened. The second disc contains a 30+ minute live track consisting of an unreleased song and the opening track from the studio disc. The track is bookended by two short edits of tracks from the studio disc.[8]

Disc 2 track list
1."⊙" (circle with dot) (remix of "☆")1:28
2."Boredoms-vcn-disc2-track2.svg" (hourglass/ Boretronix logo) (Live Nov '98 (Osaka City Univ. Outdoor Free Concert))35:38
3."◌" (dotted circle) (remix of "♡")5:33


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