Visita de San Juan Bautista Londó

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The Jesuit visita, or subordinate mission station, of San Juan Bautista Londó was founded by Juan María Salvatierra and Francisco María Piccolo in 1699. It was located at the Cochimí settlement of Londó, about 30 kilometers north of Loreto and 13 kilometers west of the Gulf of California coastline, west of the abortive mission site of San Bruno that had been occupied in 1684–1685 by Isidro de Atondo y Antillón and Eusebio Francisco Kino.

Permanent stone structures were begun at Londó in 1705, but by 1750 its Cochimí population had been relocated to Misión San José de Comondú. Ruins now attest to the former presence of the visita.


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