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Vissenaken is a village in Belgium. It is part (deelgemeente) of the municipality Tienen.

It is located north of the city of Tienen and is divided into two parishes: Sint-Maartens and Sint-Pieters.

The saint Himelin is known only in Vissenaken.

Origin of the name

Old Latin and Dutch names: 1147 Fennache, 1214 vissnake, 1217 de Fenaco, 1226 Vesnaken. Vissenaken can be reconstituted as *Fassiniacas: this is the German name Fasso + the adjective iniacas. Vissenaken thus means: with the people of Fasso.[1]



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Coordinates: 50°50′N 4°55′E / 50.833°N 4.917°E / 50.833; 4.917