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Vissenbjerg is a town in central Denmark with a population of 3,118 (1 January 2014),[1] located in Assens municipality (formerly Vissenbjerg municipality) in Region of Southern Denmark on the island of Funen.

Notable people

  • Jørgen Landt (c.1751 in Vissenbjerg – 1804) a Danish priest, botanist and author, published descriptions of the people and geography of the Faroe Islands
  • Anna Sarauw (1839 – 1919 in Vissenbjerg Sogn) was a Danish textile artist who helped run a successful embroidery business in Copenhagen
  • Lars Elstrup (born 1963) a Danish former professional footballer, won 340 club caps in Denmark and abroad, played 34 matches and scored 13 goals for Denmark; he lives in Vissenbjerg and stays out of the public eye.

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Coordinates: 55°23′N 10°08′E / 55.383°N 10.133°E / 55.383; 10.133