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Vistamar School is a non-profit, private, co-educational college-preparatory high school in El Segundo in Los Angeles County, California, USA.

Vistamar School opened in September 2005, following almost four years of research, planning, fund raising and personnel recruitment. The school has a 76,000-square-foot (7,100 m2) warehouse at 737 Hawaii Street in El Segundo and has remodeled approximately half the space for student use. Enrollment in 2012-13 was about 270 students. Over the next few years, Vistamar plans to expand to an anticipated enrollment of 380 students in grades 9 through 12.


Vistamar offers a wide array of courses to the student body.


  • Math 1 - A culmination of algebra and geometry.
  • Math 2 - A culmination of geometry and some algebra.
  • Math 3 - A class focused on algebra, often equated to algebra 2.
  • Math 3 honors - Same as math 3, but at an accelerated pace.
  • Math 4 - Often equated to pre-calculus.
  • Math 4 honors - Same as math 4, but at an accelerated pace.
  • Advanced Placement Statistics
  • Advanced Placement Calculus AB
  • Advanced Placement Calculus BC

This is the study of English and history.

Vistamar has two language programs and a program of Spanish for heritage/native speakers:

  • Spanish for heritage or native speakers - with emphasis on fostering an educated bilingualism and developing existing abilities in Spanish to the level of their abilities in English.
    • Spanish for heritage/native speakers III
    • Spanish for heritage/native speakers IV
    • AP Spanish literature
  • Spanish language - with emphasis on oral proficiency and communication.
    • Spanish I
    • Spanish II
    • Spanish III
    • Spanish IV
    • AP Spanish language
    • AP Spanish literature
  • Mandarin Chinese - with emphasis on oral proficiency and communication.
    • Level I
    • Level II
    • Level III
    • Level IV
    • AP Chinese Language and Culture



These are art electives that last one trimester.

Year long classes are:

  • Studio art - This course is offered to juniors who show interest in the arts, but choose not to enroll in the AP class. It is a studio course in preparation for AP studio art.

In addition, the school has offered a photography course, and has put on numerous school plays. The following were directed by Chris Kent:

The following were directed by Kevin Shaw:

The following were directed by Mickey Blaine:

The school has active school choir, string ensemble and jazz band.

Advanced Placement selections[edit]

Vistamar offers Advance Placement courses: English language and composition, English literature and composition, statistics, calculus AB, Spanish language, Spanish literature, Chinese language and culture, environmental science, chemistry, biology, physics, studio art and Advanced Placement Human Geography.


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