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VisualSVN plug-in logo.png
Initial releaseJune 3, 2006; 12 years ago (2006-06-03)
Stable release
6.3.0 / February 6, 2019; 16 days ago (2019-02-06)
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Typerevision control, Subversion client

VisualSVN is an Apache Subversion client, implemented as a low-level VS package extension for Microsoft Visual Studio, that provides an interface to perform the most common revision control operations directly from inside the Visual Studio IDE. VisualSVN is a commercial program, with a free 30-day trial available. VisualSVN Community License allows free use of VisualSVN on a computer that is not a member of an Active Directory domain.

VisualSVN supports Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017.[1]

VisualSVN Server[edit]

VisualSVN Server is a free Apache Subversion server package for Windows. The server package contains a stripped-down Apache HTTP Server, a Subversion server, and a Microsoft Management Console configuration interface, for a one-click installation of a Subversion server on Windows platform.

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