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Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) is a registered charity (No. SC006715) based in Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland representing approximately 500 fine and applied visual artists throughout the country.


Visual Arts Scotland is a multi-disciplinary body that includes painters, textile artists, sculptors, ceramicists and photographers. It holds an annual exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy building. Visual Arts Scotland provides educational programs to encourage and inspire kids to engage and participate in the arts. Lucilla Sim is the council woman who established the workshops and programs for the children that is led by practicing artists. In order to upkeep and continue these workshops that introduce art to the youth, VSS will continue to do fundraisers and accept donations. Robbie Bushe became president in 2013.[1]


In the year of 1924, William McDougall founded the Scottish Society of Women Artists due to the fact that his daughter, Lily McDougall, was a talented painter and could not be recognised simply because she was a woman. In the early 20th century, women didn't have the ability to gain acknowledgment for their artistic skills because it was male dominant. William McDougall created this organisation to give women the opportunity to expand their artistic horizons and to encourage them to continue with their artistic ventures. This organisation lasted until the late 1980s when it was reformed due to the changing times. It was called the Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen. Eventually in the year of 1999, it changed its name once again to the current name of Visual Arts Scotland. This organisation represents various and diverse artists from across the country.[2]

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