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The term visual science is also a more general name for the study of optics, ophthalmology and or optometry.
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Visual Science, formerly Visual Sciences, was a computer and video game development company based in Dundee, Scotland. It was established in 1993 by Russell Kay, who was programmer of the hugely successful Lemmings games. Over the years, Visual Science has delivered many games for publishers such as Electronic Arts, Sony and Take 2, with critically acclaimed titles including Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, the 2-player cooperative mode in Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, Formula 1 98, and PlayStation versions of Grand Theft Auto and Myst.

Visual Science closed its doors in February 2006. 92 employees were laid off, however some went on to form two new companies in Dundee, Proper Games and Cohort Studios (Buzz Jr: Dino Den)(Go! Puzzle).

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