Vit Ice Piedmont

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Vit Ice Glacier
Location of Sentinel Range in Western Antarctica.
Map showing the location of Vit Ice Glacier
Map showing the location of Vit Ice Glacier
Location of Vit Ice Glacier in Antarctica
LocationSentinel Range
Coordinates77°54′00″S 85°11′30″W / 77.90000°S 85.19167°W / -77.90000; -85.19167
Length6 nmi (11 km; 7 mi)
Width3 nmi (6 km; 3 mi)
Map of northern Sentinel Range.

Vit Ice Piedmont (Bulgarian: ледник Вит, ‘Lednik Vit’ \'led-nik 'vit\) is the glacier extending 12 km in north-south direction and 6 km in east-west direction in Sostra Heights on the east side of northern Sentinel Range in Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica. It is situated north of the end of Embree Glacier, east of Bracken Peak, southwest of Anchialus Glacier and south of the end of Newcomer Glacier. The glacier flows eastwards into Rutford Ice Stream.

The glacier is named after Vit River in Northern Bulgaria.


Vit Ice Piedmont is centred at 77°54′00″S 85°11′30″W / 77.90000°S 85.19167°W / -77.90000; -85.19167Coordinates: 77°54′00″S 85°11′30″W / 77.90000°S 85.19167°W / -77.90000; -85.19167. US mapping in 1961.

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