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Vitali Georgievich Gubarev (Russian: Виталий Георгиевич Губарев, August 30, 1912, Rostov-on-Don, Russian Empire - 1981, USSR) was a Soviet Russian writer of children's literature.

In 1931, he started to work as a journalist. He covered the murder of Pavlik Morozov, and he was one who created the myth about him. In 1933, Gubarev wrote One from eleven, about the same character, a work later rewritten into the novel Pavlik Morozov and a play.

As a fiction writer, his masterpiece was the fairy-tale novel Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, written in 1951 and made into a play a year later and into a film, Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors, in 1963.

He was married to actress Tamara Nosova.

Literature works[edit]

  • В Тридевятом царстве (fairy tale novel)
  • Королевство кривых зеркал (Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors; fairy tale novel)
  • Преданье старины глубокой (fairy tale novel)
  • Путешествие на утреннюю звезду (children's science fiction novel)
  • Трое на острове (fairy tale novel)

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