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Vitaliy Serhiyovych Hubarenko (Ukrainian: Віталій Сергійович Губаренко) (13 June 1934, Kharkiv[1] - 5 April 2000, Kiev) was a Ukrainian composer.

Life and works[edit]

He graduated from Kharkiv Conservatory in 1960 (where he studied under Dmitri Klebanov). He was awarded the Ostrovsky Prize in 1967, and the Taras Shevchenko Prize in 1984. His first opera, Zahybel’ eskadry (‘The Destruction of the Squadron’) (1966) brought him to public attention.

His compositions include operas (of which he wrote many including in 1980 the 'opera-ballet', Viy, Reborn May (1974), The Reluctant Matchmaker (1985), and Remember, My Brotherhood, described as an 'opera-oratorio' (1990–91)), film music, and Pys’ma lyubvi (‘Letters to Love’) (1972) a cycle of four monologues for soprano and chamber ensemble.



  1. ^ Grove incorrectly gives 1924 - all Ukrainian sources give 1934

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