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Vitaly Vulf

Vitaly Yakovlevich Vulf (Russian: Вита́лий Я́ковлевич Вульф, 23 May 1930 – 13 March 2011) was a Russian art, drama, film critic, literary critic, translator, TV and radio broadcaster and critic.[1][2]


Vitaly Vulf was born in Baku, where his father Yakov (who died in January 1956) was a lawyer. Vulf's mother, Helen Yelena Belenkaya, graduated from Baku University and was a teacher of Russian language. She died in 1974.

Vitaly Yakovlevich dreamed of going to GITIS. However, his father insisted that he received a serious education. So after graduating from high school Vitaly Vulf enrolled at the Moscow State University law school. However, owing to Antisemitism, Vitaly Vulf could not obtained a position as a lawyer. For the same reason he failed to obtain admission to the graduate school, in spite of getting straight A's on the admission exams in 1955.


Vulf died in Moscow on March 13, 2011 at the age of 80.


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