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Vitamin World
Industry Retail
Number of locations
446 (March 2011)[1]
Owner Center Lane Partners

Vitamin World is a retailer of vitamins and nutritional supplements in the United States.

Vitamin World was acquired by private equity firm Center Lane Partners in 2016.[2]

Background information[edit]

Vitamin World was founded in 1977 by Arthur Rudolph and is headquartered in Bohemia, New York.[3] Vitamin World was a subsidiary of NBTY Inc. NBTY Manufactures and sold its products under the Vitamin World, Holland and Barrett, and Puritans Pride labels.[4] Vitamin Worlds are the North American retail stores, Holland and Barretts are the United Kingdom retail stores,[5] and Puritans Pride is an online / catalog phone ordering division.[6]

Most divisions sell similar products but cater to different customers. Vitamin World sells many of its own supplements under the "Vitamin World", "Herbal Authority", and "Precision Engineered" brands. General vitamins and minerals are sold under the "Vitamin World's" brand. Herbs, teas, and natural beauty products are sold under the "Herbal Authority" brand, and sports nutrition products are sold under the "Precision Engineered" brand. Vitamin World sells products from third party vendors, the majority of which are sports nutrition products from big companies.


Vitamin World's Ultra Man Daily multivitamin was tested by in their Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review of 38 of the leading multivitamin/multimineral products sold in the U.S. and Canada. This multivitamin passed ConsumerLab's test,[7] which included testing of selected index elements, their ability to disintegrate in solution per United States Pharmacopeia guidelines, lead contamination threshold set in California Proposition 65, and meeting U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling requirements.[8]

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