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Vitatron is a Netherlands-based European subsidiary of Medtronic, a worldwide leader in medical technology. It is focused on development and manufacturing of cardiac pacing technology. Once an independently operating Dutch medical company, it was acquired by Medtronic in 1986.[1] Vitatron pacemakers are interrogated and programmed by Medftronic Carelink Model 2090 Programmer for Medtronic and Vitatron Devices, using a separate interface.[2]


  • 1956: Vitatron founded
  • 1962: First Implantable pacemakers
  • 1981: Microprocessor-driven, software-based pacemaker (DPG1)
  • 1982: Rate Responsive pacemaker (TX1)
  • 1984: Quintech DDD with automatic upper rate behaviour ("mode switch")
  • 1988: Daily Learn algorithm (Rhythmyx)
  • 1997: First upgradeable pacemaker system with dedicated AF diagnostics, rate and rhythm control therapy.
  • 2003: Vitatron goes digital: 1st Vitatron C-Series, the world's first fully digital pacemaker.[3]
  • 2004: 2nd Vitatron C-Series, digital, fast pacemaker.
  • 2004: Vitatron T-Series: The full picture, digital pacemaker system.
  • 2005: Vitatron C-Series, A3 models, a new top line range of digital pacemakers for bradycardic patients.

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