Vitosha Mountain TV Tower

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People passing by the Kopitoto TV transmission tower

Vitosha Mountain TV Tower, better known as Kopitoto (Bulgarian: Копитото, "The Hoof") after the rock outcrop (1,348 m) it stands on, is a 186 meter tall TV tower built of reinforced concrete on Vitosha Mountain near Sofia, Bulgaria. The footprint of the tower has the shape of a hexagon with three of the sides extended (i.e. almost triangular). From the tower there is a commanding view of Sofia, and the tower can be seen from everywhere in Sofia, making it a landmark of Sofia's skyline. It is the second tallest television tower in Bulgaria.

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Coordinates: 42°38′13″N 23°14′38″E / 42.63694°N 23.24389°E / 42.63694; 23.24389