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Viva 200.jpg
Studio album by Bananarama
Released 14 September 2009
Recorded July 2008–May 2009
Genre Hi-NRG[1]
Label Fascination
Producer Ian Masterson
Bananarama chronology
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30 Years of Bananarama
Singles from Viva
  1. "Love Comes"
    Released: 6 September 2009
  2. "Love Don't Live Here"
    Released: 12 April 2010
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
BBC (favourable)[2]

Viva is the tenth studio album recorded by the British vocal duo Bananarama. It was released by Fascination Records on 14 September 2009 in the UK.

Viva is Bananarama's fifth album as a duo of Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward, and their first new album since 2005's Drama. Also, for the first time since 1992 both Sara and Keren started to play bass guitar on some tracks on the album. It contains the singles "Love Comes", "Love Don't Live Here" and other new tracks co-written by Dallin and Woodward, as well as three cover versions – "Rapture" (originally by iiO), "The Runner" (originally a 1979 hit for The Three Degrees) and "S-S-S-Single Bed"" (originally by Fox).

The album had been originally conceived as a covers album, however the group changed their mind midway through the recording of the album and wrote original material for it. Apart from the three covers found on the physical CD release, four additional cover versions were made available on download format: "Run to You" (originally by Bryan Adams), "The Sounds of Silence" (originally by Simon and Garfunkel), "Voyage Voyage" (originally by Desireless) and "Tokyo Joe" (originally by Bryan Ferry). The latter two were also issued as b-sides to the vinyl releases of their single "Love Comes."

Three of these four bonus tracks were only available until the album's release date.[3][4]

The album charted on the UK Albums Chart at number 87.

Track list[edit]

Standard Edition[edit]

  1. "Love Comes" 4:15 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, I. Masterson)
  2. "Love Don't Live Here" 4:59 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, I. Masterson)
  3. "Rapture" 4:13 (N. Ali, M. Moser)
  4. "Seventeen" 4:24 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, I. Masterson)
  5. "Twisting" 3:43 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, M. Rose, N. Foster)
  6. "Tell Me Tomorrow" 3:54 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, I. Masterson)
  7. "The Runner" 3:25 (G. Moroder, S. Ferguson)
  8. "Extraordinary" 3:35 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, I. Masterson, P. Harris)
  9. "Dum Dum Boy" 3:25 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, I. Masterson)
  10. "S-S-S-Single Bed" 4:01 ([[Kenny Young])
  11. "We've Got the Night" 3:51 (S. Dallin, K. Woodward, I. Masterson)

Digital Edition[edit]

  1. "The Sound of Silence" 3:42 (P. Simon)

iTunes Limited Edition[edit]

  1. "The Sound of Silence" 3:42 (P. Simon)
  2. "Run to You" 3:04 (B. Adams/J. Vallance)

New Tracks (UK 2009 Demo Album)[edit]

  1. "Love Comes" (Album version) 4:18
  2. "Seventeen" 4:24
  3. "Rapture" 4:15
  4. "The Runner" (Demo version) 3:35
  5. "Twisting" (Demo version) 3:39
  6. "Tokyo Joe" (Demo version) 3:19
  7. "S-S-S Single Bed" (Demo version) 4:03
  8. "The Sound Of Silence" (Demo version) 3:08
  9. "Sorrow" (Demo version - Unreleased track) 2:56
  10. "Extraordinary" 3:35
  11. "We've Got The Night" (Demo version) 3:53
  12. "Supernature" (Demo version - Unreleased track) 4:45
  13. "Voyage Voyage" (Demo version) 4:17
  14. "Run To You" (Demo version) 3:32[citation needed]


  • Ian Masterson - Programming and keyboards
  • Joe Holweger - Guitar on track 10
Additional personnel
  • Ellis Parrinder - Photography
  • Ian Masterson - Mixer and producer for Thriller Jill
  • Dave Turner - Masterer at 360 Mastering London
  • Dick Beetham - Masterer on track 1 at 360 Mastering London
  • Albert Samuel - Management for ASM Damage


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