Viva Dead Ponies

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Viva Dead Ponies
Viva Dead Ponies - The Fatima Mansions.jpg
Studio album by
GenreAlternative rock
ProducerCathal Coughlan, Tíma Mansió (Brasil), Ralph Jezzard
The Fatima Mansions chronology
Against Nature
Viva Dead Ponies
Bertie's Brochures
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.0/5 stars[1]

Viva Dead Ponies (originally titled "Bugs Fucking Bunny" [2]) was the second album by The Fatima Mansions, and features elements of both their original, more synth-led and melodic sound on songs such as "You're A Rose", as well as the noiser, guitar-oriented style that would become more prominent in their later works (a notable example of this being "Look What I Stole For Us, Darling").

As with their later album Lost in the Former West, the American release of Viva Dead Ponies featured a different track list, removing the poppy "Thursday" and adding the "Only Losers Take The Bus" and "Blues For Ceaucescu" singles to give the album a more sustained guitar rock emphasis.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Cathal Coughlan.

  1. "Angel's Delight" (4:32)
  2. "Concrete Block" (0:16)
  3. "Mr. Baby" (2:53)
  4. "The Door-to-Door Inspector" (4:13)
  5. "Start the Week" (0:25)
  6. "You're a Rose" (3:31)
  7. "Legoland 3" (0:27)
  8. "Thursday" (3:38)
  9. "Ceausescu Flashback" (0:13)
  10. "Broken Radio No.1" (4:38)
  11. "Concrete Block" (0:27)
  12. "Farewell Oratorio" (0:59)
  13. "Look What I Stole for Us, Darling" (3:05)
  14. "The White Knuckle Express" (4:15)
  15. "Chemical Cosh" (1:42)
  16. "Tima Mansio Speaks" (0:17)
  17. "A Pack of Lies" (2:52)
  18. "Viva Dead Ponies" (5:13)
  19. "More Smack, Vicar" (0:52)


  • Cathal Coughlan – vocals, keyboards, programming
  • Andrías Ó Grúama – guitar
  • Nick Bunker – keyboards
  • Hugh Bunker – bass guitar
  • Nicholas Tiompan Allum – drums, wind


  • Kenny Davis - accordion
  • Alison Jiear - additional vocals
  • Lawrence Bogle - cover illustration


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