Viva Machine

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Viva Machine
Origin Swansea, Wales
Genres Alternative rock
Progressive rock
Years active 2003 – September 2009 (On Hiatus)
Labels Rocklouder Records
Associated acts The Automatic
Members Chris Seacombe
Tom Stephens
Gareth Carter
Dai Francis
Justin Hendy

Viva Machine were a Welsh Rock band who started out in 2003 under the name Ipsofacto before changing their name and reinventing themselves in 2006 under the name Viva Machine, and later in 2008 adding a second guitarist and synth player Justin Hendy. The band announced a hiatus in September 2009.[1]


Formation, début release (2003-2007)[edit]

The band released their first single "My Jet Set Radio" on 4 December 2006, which whilst limitedly available, gained a small amount of radio play through BBC Radio 1, as well as being exposed through ITV show The Guest List where the band performed "My Jet Set Radio", "Robot Bodyrox" and "Earthquakers and Love Shakers".[2]

Working with Future Of The Left and Duffy producer Richard Jackson the band worked throughout 2007 on tracks for their debut, recording 15 tracks for the album, and then working on around 20 b-sides.[3][4] The band finished much of their album in mid-2008 and have since recorded further tracks for inclusion. Rough versions of some tracks that are believed to be on the album have appeared on the band's myspace page, including "Death Star Trucker", "Oxygen", "Futuristic Dracula", "Yo Ho" and "Robot Bodyrox".[5]

The band announced on that "Robotbodyrox" would be the first single from the band's album, the single will be available from 9 November 2008, along with track "Go! Go! Go!", the single will be limitedly available on vinyl at the band's shows. music video premièred also online on 21 October 2008.[6] Due to troubles with the band's distributor the release of "Robotbodyrox" has been pushed back to December 2008 on iTunes and 7digital, however the band made tracks "Delirious" and "Mercenaries" available to download for free via myspace. "Robotbodyrox" became available on iTunes on 27 November 2008, with the full release via Rocklouder Record coming on 9 December.[7]

Debut album, lineup change and hiatus[edit]

In September 2008 the band announced the addition of Justin Hendy, stating on the band's myspace "we have one added member. He goes by the name of JUSTIN HENDY. Why? 'cause we can thats why. He makes our sound twice as massive, adds live guitars n' keyboards, freeing Chris up to fling himself off the stage".[8][9]

The band's debut album, Viva Machine, was released on 15 June 2009 by Rocklouder Records after they took a break from live shows so bassist Tom could finish his degree. They have also begun working on new material to perform live, which may eventually appear on a second album. The band released the track "Earthquakers & Loveshakers" as a free download on 8 June to promote the album's release.[10][11][12][13][14][15]

In September 2009 the band announced that they would be going on a lengthy – and very possibly indefinite – hiatus. The band cited financial and educational commitments as the reasons behind the hiatus.

Style and Influences[edit]

In an interview with Rocklouder bassist Tom Stephens described the band's style, saying "I think the album is a pretty good reflection of the last year of our lives and all the song titles are part of that’s happened to us", going onto say "I think we can write about what a lot of other people would write about, but we try to wrap it a different way. So many bands write literal lyrics that mean exactly what they say, whereas on something like ‘A Futuristic Dracula’ you wouldn’t really know what it’s about until you read it and work it out for yourself.". The band draw their influences from such bands as Clutch, Queens Of The Stone Age, Weezer, Jarcrew, Biffy Clyro, Radiohead and The Beach Boys.[16][17]

Band members[edit]

During the band's song "Here Comes The Speed of Light" Tom formerly played synth whilst Chris plays bass guitar prior to the addition of Justin Hendy, who now plays keyboards, whist Tom and Chris stick to their regular positions on bass and vocals respectively

  • Chris Seacombe (vocals, synth)
  • Tom Stephens (bass, vocals)
  • Gareth Carter (guitar, vocals)
  • Dai "D.P. Francais" Francis (drums)
  • Justin Hendy (guitar, synth)(2008–present)





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