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For the Xbox 360 game that this series is based on, see Viva Piñata.
Viva Piñata
The lead characters (l-r): Franklin, Hudson, Paulie, Fergy
Developed by Norman J. Grossfeld
Lloyd Golfdine
Directed by Paul Griffin
Voices of Dan Green
Marc Thompson
David Wills
Kathleen Delaney
Jamie McGonnigal
Rah Rah
Theme music composer John Siegler
Norman J. Grossfeld
Composer(s) Louis Cortelezzi
Elik Alvarez
Peter Lurye
Matt McGuire
Ralph Schuckett
Freddy Sheinfeld
Dan Stein
Russell Velazquez
Country of origin Canada
United States
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Deina Bhesania
Norman Grossfeld
Alfred R. Kahn
Barry Ward
Running time 20 minutes
Production company(s) Bardel Entertainment
4Kids Entertainment
Rare Ltd.
Original network YTV (Canada)
4Kids TV
The CW4Kids
Original release August 26, 2006 – January 18, 2009

Viva Piñata is a Canadian-American animated television series seen around the world. It is based upon the Xbox 360 video game of the same name. It is produced by an American company, 4Kids Productions and Bardel Entertainment, a children's animation company in Canada. It aired to high ratings as part of the 4Kids TV programming block and later moved to The CW4Kids before being removed from the schedule on October 25, 2008.[1] It is aired on YTV in Canada, Nicktoons Network and CITV in the UK, TV Tokyo in Japan and on Nickelodeon in Australia.

Viva Pinata was executive produced by Lloyd Goldfine (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon) at 4Kids in New York and Paul Griffin at Bardel in Vancouver. The stories are edited by Mike deSeve, leading a team that includes the award-winning Daria head-writer Anne Bernstein and Courage the Cowardly Dog story editor David Steven Cohen.

The series has ended its run on January 18, 2009 in Canada. 4Kids TV and The CW4Kids in the United States stopped airing the show on August 2, 2008 and October 25, 2008 respectively, but it continued to air in Canada on YTV until June 24, 2011.


In a garden on Piñata Island, a multitude of happy, colorful Piñata species live, frolic, dance, and grow. The goal of the piñatas is to fill themselves with candy, so they can be chosen by Piñata Central to entertain at birthday parties or retirement parties and other special celebrations. The piñatas have their own gardens and love to party. Each species is a portmanteau of an animal and a sweet type of food.

It is here in the garden, among the burrowing Profitamole, the bovine Moozipan and the tree-swinging Cinnamonkey that we will find a small band of Piñata friends that have known one another since they were children when they first came to the garden.

Being a piñata means something different for piñatas. Some Piñatas can't wait to reach their maximum candy level so they can leave the Piñata Factory over and over again, bringing joy to children and partygoers all over the world. Others are not happy about the prospect of being shipped off to a strange place where happy children in festive hats hang them from a tree, bludgeon them until their limbs fall off, and devour their innards. Still others physically train for the parties as if they were off to the Olympic Games—hardening their bodies to create a challenge for the children clamoring to get at their candy.

Why is it that Piñata Island is the only place in the world Piñatas can be found? Even the Piñatas don't really know—but with so much happening in the garden, what with weird new Piñatas arriving all the time, crazed black-market Piñata poachers trying to muscle in on Piñata Central action, mysteries to solve, violent garden pests known as sours to contend with, and constant opportunities to dance—who has time to worry about it?

The only thing upon which these Piñatas can agree is that on Piñata Island, anything can happen.

Main characters[edit]

  • Hudson Horstachio: (voiced by Dan Green) A horstachio (horse and pistachio) who is quite famous and surprisingly agreeable. Hudson is, according to the characters included in the series, the most handsome piñata of Piñata Island. Hudson's ego dominates much of his extravagant personality; he models himself in mirrors frequently and speaks sweet-nothings to himself, though this is often portrayed as a quirk. Hudson ranked First place in the 4kids Viva Piñata Character poll. The reason for his fame is that Horse pinatas are the most requested Pinata in the world.
  • Franklin Fizzlybear: (voiced by Marc Thompson) A fizzlybear (Fizzy drink and grizzly bear), who has a surfer accent and a lack of common sense, though he does have random bouts of intellectualism. He is quite a bit more laid back than other piñatas. He is completely incapable of lying. He has also shown a great talent for drawing portraits of different Pinatas. (In the game you can purchase his surfboard to decorate your Garden with)
  • Paulie Pretztail: (voiced by Brian Maillard) A no-nonsense pretztail (pretzel and red-tailed fox) who does a parody of Chris Rock or Will Smith,[episode needed] who could easily be considered to be "the clever-cloggs" of the main cast (besides Les). He shares Fergy's aversion of being sent to parties, though it seems more of an annoyance to him, rather than Fergy's idea of thinking of going to a party as frightening, and frequently avoids them. He seems to be good at cooking as shown from the episode ' Recipe for Disaster'.
  • Fergy Fudgehog: (voiced by David Wills) A fudgehog (fudge and hedgehog) who is in love with candy but terrified of parties. He is frequently sought out by Langston to attend parties but always manages to escape his bugcatcher's net. As his surname implies, he frequently says "Oh, fudge!" as an interjection.
  • Ella Elephanilla: (voiced by Rebecca Soler) An elephanilla (elephant and vanilla) who suffers from short-term memory loss. Essentially, her character is the opposite of the phrase "an elephant never forgets," although shown in later episodes that the only thing she does remember is to forget in a scene shown inside her head. She also has a likeness of ballet, despite her large size. Because of her elegant moves, this caused Paulie and Fergy to both get huge, temporary crushes on her. They even asked her to a dance, but she forgot they had both asked her. No evidence has been shown that both Fergy and Paulie still have a crush on her, if they do, they are very subtle about it.
  • Les Galagoogoo: (voiced by Eric Stuart) A galagoogoo (Galago and GooGoo) who is the smartest piñata on the island and even has ninja skills. Unfortunately, whenever Les speaks, it comes out as high-pitched gibberish. Les ranked second place in the 4Kids Viva Piñata character poll. It appears that the main cast may be able to understand him, but simply ignore him. In one episode, he was able to speak, but he was ignored as he always had been.
  • Tina & Teddington Twingersnap: (voiced by Kathleen Delaney and Jamie McGonnigal) A two-headed syrupent (syrup and serpent) known as a twingersnap (twin and gingersnap) Although they share a body, they differ on almost everything and become a pugnacious, argumentative pair. They have both been shown to have sub-par gardening skills. Despite the fact that they appear to hate each other (after all, they are Brother and Sister), in one episode when they are accidentally separated, they end up greatly missing their other half. Teddington is the worst singer on Pinata Island and for some reason has a refined British accent.
  • Langston Lickatoad: (voiced by Mike Pollock) The lickatoad (licorice and toad) who operates the Cannoñata. He regularly tries to catch the stealthy duo Fergy and Paulie in order to send them to parties.
  • Professor Pester: (voiced by Michael Alston Baley) The main villain of the series. In all the episodes he appears in, he and his Ruffians try to capture and destroy a piñata, (usually Hudson) if not all of them, to obtain their candy. Note that he does not appear to be a piñata. When he had his personality reversed and happily gobbled up all of Fergy's candy, he was scanned on the way to the Cannoñata and found to have no candy. Nor do any of his ruffians appear to be piñatas; an episode shows that they were the result of a disastrous Sours experiment. His catchphrase is "I have no regrets", and he always says it when his plans backfire and he ends up losing. He and the Ruffians are the only non-pinatas from the games to have made it to the show, though to be noted Leafos makes a split second cameo in the theme song right when the announcer states "Welcome to Pinata Island" as the screen is panning over a field.

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Beverly Badge sicle: Hudson's biggest, very obsessive fan.
  • Cecil Cocoadile: A dull-sounding Cocoa dile. Cecil is the only piñata on the island who thinks Chortles' jokes are funny, causing him to burst into tears laughing. In the piñata world, cocoadile tears make excellent fertilizer, so while laughing and crying at his bad jokes, he is also helping Chortles with his garden.
  • Chortles Chippopotamus: (voiced by Sean Schemmel) A Chip popotamus with a horrible sense of humor, but fantastic gardening skills. Only Cecil Cocoadile thinks his jokes are funny, and Chortles uses Cecil's tears to help his garden grow.
  • Dr. Quincy Quack berry: A doctor and psychiatrist with a Groucho Marx-like personality. He wears glasses and a tie, and he customarily tells poor jokes.
  • The Great Bonboon (or just "The Bonboon"): A con-man-esque Bon boon who pretends to be an all-knowing guru to steal candy from gullible piñatas like Professor Pester. He is usually meditating, but when no one is present, he talks to his friend Sid Sars gorilla on the phone in (what seems to be) his normal voice. Paulie is the only pinata who sees through his ruse.
  • Hamilton Horstachio: (voiced by Sean Schemmel) Hudson's rival, who later on turns into a Z umbug.
  • King Roario: (voiced by R.L. Strong) A Roar io Who is King of Pinata Island.
  • Mabel Moozipan: A moo zipan with a stereotypical southern accent and manner. She owns a well-kept vegetable garden and despises trespassers. She is friends with Florence Fizzlybear.
  • Pecky Pudgeon: (voiced by Eric Stuart) A Pud geon who takes pictures for the local newspaper of Piñata Island, the Pinata Yada Yada. He loves gossiping about everyone and will go to great lengths to bring in a juicy scoop for the paper. (He makes a cameo in the game taking a photo of Gretchen when she first appears)
  • Pierre Parrybo: (voiced by Pete Zarustica) A stereotypically French Parry bo who organizes various activities on Piñata Island. He's also the DJ for a call-in radio show.
  • Ruffians: Professor Pester's bumbling henchmen who usually ruin his plans, since they don't comprehend orders well. They waddle from side to side in their walk, and they love to prank one another. According to Pester, three are boys and one is a girl.
  • Petunia Pretztail: (voiced by Lili Taylor) A kung-fu warrior who is friends with Florence and especially Haily, and teaches Fergy and Paulie how to find their own "fu"
  • Prewitt Profitamole: (voiced by Mike MacRae) A brilliant Profita mole who seems to be the only mechanic on the island and he is a wonder at inventing. He also has a love for soaps, and watches them avidly.
  • Shirley Shellybean: A optimistic Shel lybean who always is ready to start a new adventure.
  • Simone Cinna monkey: (voiced by Rebecca Soler) Hudson's brisk and resourceful agent. She speaks very quickly, rapidly counting off Hudson's schedule. Sometimes, she seems to want her pay more than Hudson's fame, but she is occasionally shown to care for him in both stern and encouraging ways.


The program has also made the leap to DVD via Shout! Factory with the release of The Piñatas Must Be Crazy And Other Stories. This release includes the following episodes: "Cocoadile Tears," "Candiosity," "Queen For A Day," "A Chewnicorn In The Garden" and "Legs."[2] In addition, "Lights, Camera, Action" was released in May 2009. This is the second DVD in the series. The program has also made the leap to British DVDs for Walt Disney Pictures with the release of Viva Piñata: Franklingestion. This release includes the following episodes: "Royal Visit," "Crimes Of Passion Fruit," and "Piñatas Must Be Crazy."[3] In addition, Viva Piñata 2: Arctic Invasion was released with the episodes: "High Plains Drafter", "Her Royal Forgetfullness" and "Talented Mr.Hack". This is the second British DVD in the series. In addition, Viva Piñata 3: The Antlers Are Blowing in the Wind was released with the episodes: "Pig Out-Mountain", "A Match Made In Court", "Mr. Unbustable" and "Candibalism". This is the third DVD Movie in the series. Recently, Hulu has added episodes that aired in both England, America and Canada.

Xbox Live Sneak Peeks[edit]

Two episodes have been released on the Xbox Live Marketplace as sneak peeks. These episodes were "Chewnicorn in the Garden" and "Horstachio of a Different Colour". Over the past couple of months, more episodes of the show have been added to the Marketplace for download. All the episodes are in High Definition (Although one can watch them on an SD TV as well), and are between 550-600MB of space on the Hard Drive. The Special Edition version of the Viva Piñata game came with a bonus disc, which, among demos of Xbox Live Arcade games and Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, contained the "Horstachio of a Different Colour" episode.


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