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Viva Purple
System YRT/Viva
Operator Tok Transit
Vehicle Van Hool A330
Van Hool AG300
Nova Bus LF Series (articulated)
Began service September 4, 2005
Route type Bus rapid transit
Locale York Region
Communities served Vaughan; Richmond Hill; Markham; North York
Start Pioneer Village
Via York University, Richmond Hill Centre Terminal
End Markham Stouffville Hospital
Stops 30
Frequency 15 mins
Daily ridership 5,705[1]
Fare $4.00
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Viva Purple is a line on the Viva bus rapid transit system in York Region, Ontario, Canada. The route primarily runs in an east–west direction along the Highway 7 Rapidway in Markham and Richmond Hill. It is operated by Tok Transit under contract from York Region.

Route description[edit]

Viva Purple begins in the west with stops at Pioneer Village and York University stations where it connects with the Line 1 Yonge–University subway. It then travels northeast towards Richmond Hill Centre Terminal with stops on Centre Street and Bathurst Street. The route then continues along Highway 7 to its eastern terminus at Markham Stouffville Hospital.

Viva Purple also operates a branch service along Enterprise Boulevard between Town Centre Boulevard and Kennedy Road. Alternating buses will serve this branch (and the Highway 7 branch) except during weekday rush hour. Service west of Richmond Hill Centre will operate for an unspecified transitional period and during weekends only.

Viva Purple connects with all other Viva lines except Viva Yellow and Viva Blue A. Currently, there are 30 stations along the bus route.[2]

A Viva Purple bus stops at the Richmond Hill Centre Terminal.
Viva Purple stops
Name Opening Date Municipality Major Connections
Pioneer Village December 17, 2017 Vaughan BSicon SUBWAY.svg TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg
York University September 4, 2005 North York BSicon SUBWAY.svg TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg ZUM logo.svg
Dufferin Vaughan Viva orange.svg
Promenade Terminal
Richmond Hill Centre Richmond Hill Viva blue.svg Viva pink.svg Viva orange.svg
GO Transit logo.svg Langstaff GO Station
Bayview Markham/
Richmond Hill
Viva pink.svg
Chalmers August 19, 2013
Valleymede September 4, 2005
West Beaver Creek
East Beaver Creek
Allstate Parkway Markham
Town Centre
Warden[H] December 17, 2017
Village Parkway[H]
Cedarland[E] December 28, 2014 Viva pink.svg
Warden/Enterprise[E] November 20, 2005 Viva green.svg Viva pink.svg
Post Road[E] February 5, 2017
Rivis Road[E] November 20, 2005
Kennedy/Highway 7 October 16, 2005 Viva green.svg
Galsworthy September 5, 2010
Main Street Markham January 27, 2008
Wootten Way
Markham Stouffville Hospital


[H] Stop served by Highway 7 branch only
[E] Stop served by Enterprise branch only

Route history[edit]

Service from York University to Town Centre Boulevard began on September 4, 2005. Service extending from Town Centre Boulevard east to McCowan Road began October 16, 2005. Peak-time service west of York University began November 20, 2005. Service east of McCowan Road to Markham Stouffville Hospital was to begin on July 1, 2007, but was postponed to January 27, 2008. Service east of McCowan Road to Cornell will replace the aforementioned service. Service west of York University was discontinued as of September 2, 2007.


With the opening of the Toronto–York Spadina Subway Extension, it was planned that Viva Purple would terminate at Richmond Hill Centre,[3] where passengers could connect to Viva Orange for service to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station. However, York Region Transit revised their plan and Viva Purple will continue to operate to York University on weekdays for a "transitional period" of unstated length.[4]

The eastern terminus is planned to extend to the future Cornell Terminal upon completion in 2019 with an additional stop at Bur Oak.[3]


The Viva Purple line has a dedicated right of way (dubbed Rapidways) for a portion of the route. Eventually, the entire Highway 7 Corridor could be upgraded to light rail transit.[5]


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