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First VIVA Zwei logo
Last VIVA Zwei logo

Viva Zwei was a German music channel aired and distributed throughout Europe and Germany. The channel was launched March 21, 1995, under the name "Viva II", as a second incarnation of the main channel VIVA in Germany and lasted until its closure on January 7, 2002.

Viva Zwei ran on TV for eight years in Europe, even though it was not well known to the music world, it was a big music channel to Europe and other countries, and also to its fans. Viva Zwei clips can be found online on video websites. As for the main channel, VIVA, it still runs in Europe.

Early History[edit]

Unlike VIVA, Viva Zwei was not as well known. Viva Zwei was devoted to music from lesser known bands that could use Viva Zwei to get their music heard. One of the first shows on Viva Zwei was Geschmackssache, a German TV show that featured singers from around the world. The singer would talk about himself or herself and would show some of their favorite music videos to the viewers. Viva Zwei's logo at the time was a logo in a transverse wave form similar to the VIVA logo with a Roman numeral 2 (II) sign beside it, and it was put into the upper right corner of the screen. In mid 1996, the logo was changed to a logo similar of a plus sign with the uppercase word "ZWEI" beside it, and it was put into the lower left corner of the screen.

The 1995–1996 original Viva Zwei channel (more known as Viva II at the time) aired mostly classic 60s music, 70s music and 80s music and current pop music (90s music) and shows like Das War... (translated into the English language: That Was..., for example: Das War 1964 (That Was 1964), Das War 1974 (That Was 1974), Das War 1984 (That Was 1984), Das War 1994 (That Was 1994) etc.) and Geschmackssache. At this time, VIVA TV was the mainstream channel for shows, it contained shows like Wah and others.

In 1997, more programming started to come to the channel such as 2Rock, 2Step, Fast Forward, Trendspotting, Wah2 and Zwobot. The channel started becoming a place lesser known bands got their music heard by the world, the channel, as well as airing lesser known band's music, aired music from bigger name stars such as Depeche Mode.


By 2001, the channel became more popular, but its main company, Time Warner, was losing money; even with its popularity, Viva Zwei was not making enough money to stay on the air. So, in mid-summer 2001, it was announced Viva Zwei would be shut down.

The shutdown occurred on January 7, 2002. The final images seen on the network was a sendoff video, a special thanks to Viva Zwei's moderators, a music video from Zwobot, and Mr. Explosion from Zwobot. Then, Viva Zwei switched full time into Viva Plus, a channel dedicated to mainstream pop music. This was said to be a loss to the music world by fans of the old channel as well as music personalities, because it eliminated a medium for lesser known bands to be recognized.

Viva Plus was launched as a way to make money. The channel mostly aired music videos on the show called "Get The Clip" in alternative versions such as Rock, Hip Hop, Party, Top List and more. Programming from Viva Zwei was switched over to VIVA and Viva Plus.

Fast Forward, a German music talk show featuring Charlotte Roche as the host, aired on Viva Zwei from 1999 to 2001. It moved to VIVA in 2002, and lasted until January 2, 2005. On January 2, the farewell episode of Fast Forward aired without Charlotte Roche. It aired only music videos, and at the end broadcast a message saying "Fast Forward Say Thank You" and ended showing its usual closing sequence.

Overdrive came back on the channel Viva Plus. Overdrive ran on Viva Zwei from 1998 to 2002, it came back later in 2002 on Viva Plus, and it lasted there until 2007, when Viva Plus shut down. As For 2Step and E-Beats, they were slated to have come back on Viva Plus, but the idea was later canceled.



  • Götz Bühler
  • Rocco Clein
  • Dirk Dresselhaus (alias Schneider TM)
  • Katja Giglinger
  • Simon Gosejohann
  • Markus Kavka
  • Ill-Young Kim
  • Tanja Mairhofer
  • Markus Meske
  • Nils Neumann
  • Minh-Khai Phan-Thi
  • Charlotte Roche
  • Niels Ruf
  • Falk "Hawkeye" Schacht
  • Patrick Sommer
  • Herbert
  • Zwobot


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