Vivaldi (crater)

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208500main mercury closeup lg.jpg
Vivaldi is the large, shadow-filled, double ringed crater to the upper right
Planet mercury
Coordinates 14°30′N 86°00′W / 14.5°N 86°W / 14.5; -86Coordinates: 14°30′N 86°00′W / 14.5°N 86°W / 14.5; -86
Diameter 210 km
Eponym Antonio Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a crater at 14.5°N, 86°W on Mercury. It is 210 km in diameter and was named after Antonio Vivaldi. It has a prominent and nearly continuous inner ring whose diameter measures about half that of the outer ring. Unlike some of the lunar multiringed structures, no vestiges of additional rings are apparent around this crater. It is classified as c3 age.[1]


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