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Vivek Atray
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OccupationEx IAS, Author, Motivational Speaker

Vivek Atray is an Indian author, TEDx speaker and ex- Indian Administrative Service officer. He is the author of two books titled "Move on Bunny!"[1] and "Dubey Ji Bounces Back"[2][3][4] Having worked in the civil services for 25 years, he took a voluntary retirement to pursue his passion for speaking and writing as a full-time profession.[5] A lot of Vivek's motivational talks have been uploaded on YouTube amongst which are four Tedx talks.[6] He spoke on "Being Indian in a Global Era",[7]"Life and its real goals",[8] "The Ingredients to be an all rounder,[9] "Living simple but superb life"[10] in these Tedx talks . Atray is also a mentor at the Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences.[11]

Early life[edit]

Vivek spent most of his early childhood in Delhi, London and Chandigarh. His father, Jai Prakash Atray, worked as an officer in the Indian Police Service (IPS)[12] and his mother, Rama Atray, was an educationist. He has two sisters, Suruchi and Surabhi, who are twins.

He joined the civil services after graduating from National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra[13] as an electronics engineer.

Professional career[edit]

Atray started his professional career in the civil services directly after graduating from college. During his tenure as an IAS officer, Atray undertook a number of reforms in the areas of digital governance, investment promotion, education, tourism and sports management. He was directly involved with the development of the Chandigarh IT Park as Director IT.[14]

Atray also initiated the e-SAMPARK e-Governance project of Chandigarh.[15] When he was posted as Deputy commissioner Panchkula,[16] he initiated projects such as Aadar Samman (respect for the elderly) & Village Mentoring. His first book "Move on Bunny!"[17] published in 2011, was about the humorous escapades of a fictional character "Bunny Kapoor" as he takes on every challenge that life throws at him. His second book "Dubey Ji Bounces Back"[18] was a critical success. He is also the author of a fortnightly column called "Random Forays"[19][20][21][22] which is published in the Hindustan Times.

Social work and motivational speaker[edit]

Vivek Atray is a motivational speaker[23][15] and has been a speaker at tedx talks in Vivek High School,[24] GLIM.[25] He is also mentor for Kaevalya.[26] Atray is also involved with a number of societies and organisations. He has been organising the annual JP Atray Cricket Tournament[27] since 1992. Vivek is one of the founding members of Chandigarh Literati Society.[28] He encourages the younger generation to adopt a cheerful, positive and multi-dimensional approach to their lives through his motivational talks.


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