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Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya or VKV is the academic wing of Vivekananda Kendra (an organization based on Swami Vivekananda's preachings of life–reforming principles), operating a chain of schools under the project Vivekananda Kendra Siksha Prasar Vibhag (VKSPV). Vidyalaya is a sanskrit word meaning School. The corporate headquarters of the organization is at Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu in southern India. The ideology of Gyan – Yagna, meaning Knowledge Worship started by Ekanathji Ranade led to the inception of VKV. The school teachings are inspired by the Vivekananda's philosophy of Man – Making & Nation Building.


There are a total of 64 VKVs providing education to approximately 20,000 students in the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Nagaland and Tamil Nadu, besides the Andaman Islands. The schools are guided by their corporate values inspired by the general philosophies of Swami Vivekananda, such as Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man, If the poor boy can't come to education, education must go to him etc. The first VKV was started at Sher in Arunachal Pradesh. Most of these schools are fully residential and focus on the holistic growth of their students.

No. State Total number of VKVs
1 Arunachal Pradesh 34
2 Assam 17
3 Andamans 9
4 Nagaland 1
5 Karnataka 1 (Kallubalu)
6 Tamil Nadu 2 (Kanyakumari)

In Arunachal Pradesh[edit]

The schools in Arunachal Pradesh are run and managed under Vivekananda Kendra Arunachal Pradesh Trust (VKAPT) of Vivekananda Kendra headquartered at Dibrugarh in Assam.

Sl. No. School District Year of Inception Level
1 VKV Balijan Papum Pare 1977 Secondary
2 VKV Jairampur Changlang 1977 Senior Secondary
3 VKV Kharsang Changlang 1977 Secondary
4 VKV Oyan East Siang 1977 Secondary
5 VKV Roing Dibang Valley 1977 Senior Secondary
6 VKV Seijosa East Kameng 1977 Secondary
7 VKV Sher Papum Pare 1977 Secondary
8 VKV Tafrogam Lohit 1980 Secondary
9 VKV Amiliang Lohit 1981 Secondary
10 VKV Niausa Tirap 1981 Middle
11 VKV Shergaon West Kameng 1981 Senior Secondary
12 VKV Sunpura Lohit 1981 Secondary
13 VKV Jirdin West Siang 1982 Secondary
14 VKV Kuporijo Upper Subansiri 1987 Secondary
15 VKV Nivedita Vihar East Kameng 1994 Secondary
16 VKV Itanagar Papum Pare 1995 Senior Secondary
17 VKV Yazali Lower Subansiri 1997 Senior Secondary
18 VKV Liromoba West Siang 1998 Primary
19 VKV Ziro Lower Subansiri 2000 Secondary
20 VKV Nirjuli Papum Pare 2002 Secondary
21 VKV Koloriang Kurung Kumey 2003 Middle
22 VKV Banderdewa Papum Pare 2004 Secondary
23 VKV Wessang East Kameng 2007 Primary
24 VKV Basar West Siang 2008 Primary
25 VKV Vivek Vihar Papum Pare 2009 Middle
26 VKV Oldziro Lower Subansiri 2009 Middle
27 VKV Joram Lower Subansiri 2009 Primary
28 VKV Raga Lower Subansiri 2009 Primary
29 VKV Dado Kurung Kumey 2009 Primary
30 VKV Emrs Bana East Kameng 2009 Middle

In Assam[edit]

The schools in Assam are run and managed under Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag (VKSPV) of Vivekananda Kendra headquartered at Guwahati in Assam.

Sl. No. School District Year of Inception Level Website
1 VKV Tinsukia Tinsukia 1978 Senior Secondary VKV Tinsukia
2 VKV Dibrugarh Dibrugarh 1981 Senior Secondary VKV Dibrugarh
3 VKV Golaghat Golaghat 1988 Senior Secondary VKV Golaghat
4 VKV Bokuloni Dibrugarh 1998 Senior Secondary VKV Bokuloni (NEEPCO)
5 VKV Umrangso N.C.Hills 1999 Senior Secondary VKV Umrangso (NEEPCO)
6 VKV Baragolai Tinsukia 2000 Senior Secondary VKV Baragolai (NEC)
7 VKV Dhemaji Dhemaji 2000 Secondary
8 VKV Majuli Jorhat 2002 Secondary
9 VKV Tingrai Dibrugarh 2002 Secondary
10 VKV Nalbari Nalbari 2004 Secondary
11 VKV Ramnagar Silchar Cachar 2005 Middle
12 VKV Kajalgaon Chirang(BTAD) 2007 Primary
13 VKVK Suklai Baksa 2007 Primary
14 VKV AUC Silchar Cachar 2007 Primary
15 VKV Tezpur Sonitpur 2009 Primary
16 VKV Badarpur Karimganj 2009 Primary
17 VKV Sivasagar Sivasagar 2010 Primary

In Nagaland[edit]

The schools in Nagaland are run and managed under Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag (VKSPV) of Vivekananda Kendra headquartered at Guwahati in Assam.

Sl. No. School District Year of Inception Level Website
1 VKV Doyang Wokha 2000 Secondary VKV Doyang (NEEPCO)

In Andaman[edit]

Ten schools are run in Andaman of which VKV, PortBlair situated in the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one among the oldest and reputed schools in the islands.