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Vividas Holdings Pty Ltd is an online video streaming technology company, which has developed a proprietary player it claims is capable of delivering HD and Live quality video content for up to 30% less bandwidth.

Over the last five years Vividas has been developing a proprietary player to enable delivery to various devices (computer, tablet, phone).

Vividas's player requires a standard web server, which removes the need for costly proprietary streaming servers, software installation, specialty network upgrades or switchers for Windows Media or Flash. Not relying on Flash Tower networks is another key USP for the technology, which is totally scalable.


  1. Offers full screen streaming of HD quality video, including Live webcasting
  2. Uses the established web server infrastructure, no proprietary servers required
  3. Fastest technology to enable broadcast
  4. Web servers offer scalability at no cost to user
  5. Live streams immediately available as an archive
  6. Real time editing speeds production process
  7. Powerful Digital Rights Management (DRM) Live streams can be managed (who, when, how many)


Vividas technology is used to provide streaming video content for

  • Advertising, Marketing and Communications
  • Corporate Communication
  • Entertainment - Film, Music and Sports

Offices are in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York and London.


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