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Vividbraille is a contemporary, independent clothing label first created in 2003.[1] It was founded by Brock Willsey. The clothing and design label, which started out as a t-shirt line, began by selling at boutiques in Michigan. The name Vividbraille was created with the idea that the ideal company or individual not only puts emphasis on the exterior but also the interior; this is explained by the companies mantra “Seen & Felt” which is featured on a number of ads and garments by Vividbraille.[2] The clothing label features conceptual designs, each titled with an idea or explanation attached.[3] The majority of the line features the word Vividbraille in actual braille. Vividbraille’s collections include shirts, jewelry, art and accessories. The label can be found at retailers across the United States and online at Brock hopes to expand his list of retailers carrying the line to other countries.

"The most memorable works of art are not always remembered by what is seen, but what is felt," [4] Brock explains. The line has been featured in a number of publications including Complex, a leading fashion magazine.[5]


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